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Outtloud is the original global music search engine and private global band directory in the world minus "controlled" bands with band pages that are free. We put the artists and the listeners first. Our music search engine has no spam and no links to pirate sites. This search will soon change for total ip privacy and anonymity for you. Try it and see, the artist you are looking for will almost always be listed first. For more information see About  or Q.N.A. Outtloud does not make any money out of this site - it's for all artists. You can also purchase music from the band sites which link off the band directory.

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Vance Joy
Melbourne Australia 
Style: Indie Folk


Harmonic Generator
Marseille  France
Style: Rock

Auckland NZ
Style: Pop


Skinn Jakkitt
 Hickory USA
Style: Rock Metal

Chet Faker
Melbourne Australia 
Style: Electronica


 Machine Dream
Rijeka Croatia
Style: Electronica



The Preatures
Sydney Australia 
Style: Indie Rock


Perth Australia
Style: Indie Rock

London Grammar
Nottingham Englabd
Style: Trip Hop


Enola Gay

Hannover Germany
Style: Post Punk

Style: Pop


Chicago USA
Style: Electronic Rock


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